Real tea by bill key

All natural tea without preservatives or artificial sweeteners


Specially selected natural ingredients of the highest quality

Herbs from all
over the world

Herbs are always a tasty useful addition to everyday life

without "bad"

No preservatives or artificial sweeteners in our teas


Choose & Enjoy



Inspired by the legendary island-dwelling bird, this combination of Karkadé and blood orange has proven to be a favorite of children and adults as an immune stimulant with a mild, fresh taste.

Mint and Lime


The soothing effect of Peppermint is known worldwide. So we decided to match her with her close cousin Spearmint and their friend Lime. This tea is universally delicious all seasons!

LINDEN, chamomile and stevia


Combining the unforgettable aroma of lime blossom with stevia, we decided to present you an unconventional offer, suitable for people who do not want to consume sugar.



Another local landmark! We decided to combine its properties to energize the body, helping to transport oxygen, with the screaming energy of Guarana and the soothing aroma of Fig Leaves.



While St. John’s Wort and Honey have been known for years as antioxidants, the remarkable mineral complex of this typical Bulgarian super-herb has a restorative effect on the whole body.

The Four Thieves


Inspired by the legend of the four French outlaws and their miraculous blend of sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender, banishing even the most stubborn infections.

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